Administrative structure of the Institute


  • M.D. Tronko, Director of the Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of Natl. Acad. Sci. and Acad. Med. Sci. Ukraine  
  • O.I. Kovzun,  Deputy Director of the Institute for research work, Doctor of Biological Sciences
  • A.M. Kvachenuk, Deputy Director of the Institute for Clinic’s research work, Doctor of Medical Sciences.
  • V.P.Tereshchenko, Deputy Director of the Institute for the issues of liquidation of medical consequences of the Chornobyl accident, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine
  • M.P. Demchenko,  Head Physician of the Institute’s Clinic, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine
  • L.I. Rybalchenko,  Chief Accountant of the Institute
  • N.V. Sologub,  Scientific Secretary of the Institute, Candidate of Medical Sciences


  • Accounts Department
  • Planning-Economic Department
  • Personnel Department
  •  Secretariat  



  • Department of Diabetology
  • Department of Clinical Diabetology
  • Department of Preventive Diabetology
  • Clinico-Experimental Laboratory
  • Division of Children’ Endocrine Pathology
  • Department of Children’ Endocrine Pathology
  • Division of General Endocrine Pathology
  • Department of General Endocrine Pathology
  • Division of Endocrine Surgery
  • Department of Endocrine Surgery
  • Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy
  • Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy of Endocrine Diseases
  • Department of Clinical Pharmacology
  • Department of Clinical Andrology
  • Laboratory of Radiology and Radiobiology
  • Department for the Issues of Liquidation of Medical Consequences of the Chornobyl Accident and International Relations
  • Department of Epidemiology of Endocrine Diseases
  • Group of Detoxication and Quantum Hemocorrection
  • Department of Radioiodine Therapy
  • Consultative Polyclinic  
  • Laboratory of Functional Diagnosis
  • Department of Radiodiagnosis and Radioiodine Therapy
  • Department of Ultrasound Diagnosis
  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Hormonal Laboratory  


  • Department of Fundamental and Applied Problem of Endocrinology
  • Division of Endocrine Reproduction and Adaptation
  • Laboratory of Hormonal Regulation of Circulation
  • Laboratory of Morphology of Endocrine System
  • Pathoanatomy Department
  • Laboratory of Endocrine Regulation of Immunogenesis
  • Laboratory of Organic Synthesis and Chemical Reagents
  • Vivarium


  • Scientific-organizational Department
  • Scientific-methodical Department
  • Library


  • General clinical staff
  • Department of Hospitalization
  • Department of Sterilization
  • Pharmacy


  • Engineering Department
  • Logistics’ Department
  • General Logistical Department  

The Institute’s staff numbers 586 Members.  

Clinical Division - 359 Collaborators, including 68 Physicians;

Research Division - 192 Collaborators, including a total of 100 Research Fellows;  

25 Doctors of Medical Sciences; as well as 13 Professors, 48 Candidates of Medical Sciences.

The Institute’s Clinic comprises 184 beds allowing to hospitalize more than 4000 patients per year. Besides specialized medical care, clinical departments test new methods of diagnosis and treatment, pharmacological preparations, medical equipment. In the Institute’ Consultative Polyclinic over 55000 patients received highly skilled medical care yearly.  

The structure of specialized Clinic’s departments meets the trends of research work of the Institute.

The number of hospital beds is distributed as follows:

Department of Children’ Endocrine Pathology - 30 beds;

Department of General Endocrine Pathology - 40 beds;

Department of Endocrine Surgery and  Reanimation - 40 beds;

Department of Radioiodine Therapy - 5 beds;

Department of Clinical Pharmacology  - 14  beds