The State Institution «V.P. Komisarenko Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism»

Main areas of research work of the Institute

  • study the mechanisms of hormonal action and hormonal regulation of metabolism;
  • study the etiology, pathogenesis, clinics of diabetes mellitus, thyroid and adrenal diseases;
  • develop new trends in the treatment of these diseases and their prevention;
  • study the interaction between the immune and endocrine systems in the regulation of immunologic homeostasis, its role in the development of diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases;
  • study the effects of radiation exposure on endocrine glands in clinics and experiment;
  • search for new preparations for the treatment of endocrine diseases.

Areas of clinical work of the Institute

  • give a highly skilled specialized consultative-diagnostic and therapeutic-preventive assistance to the population with endocrine pathology;
  • form and manage the Clinico-epidemiological Registry of children’s and adult population with the most common endocrine system disorders;    
  • develop and introduce into medical care system new methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of endocrine diseases;
  • organize and conduct trainings and specialization courses dealing with topical issues  of clinical endocrinology.